Planning for Success: How to Develop a Prioritized Plan to Improve the Performance of your Organization, Division or Department

Planning is the process by which an organization visualizes its future, defines strategic goals and develops plans to achieve their vision. However, developing a plan does not have to be a major event requiring an off-site retreat, consultants and breakout sessions.

Using our proven planning methodology as a guide, this course outlines a simple process that will help you develop an effective multi-year plan for your company, division or department.

In addition, this course contains bonus content to apply the concepts taught in this course to your organization. This content includes:

  • A sample case study that we use as an example to illustrate the planning process
  • A step by step guide and easy to use Planning Templates that can be used to develop a plan for your organization.
This course is for executives, director, managers and project managers and takes approximately one hour to complete.
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Planning for Success Course Overview

Module 1 - Introduction: The Benefits of Planning

Module 2 - The Planning Process: Three Steps for Success

Module 3 - Assess the Current State

Module 4 - Sample Case Study

Module 5 - Develop the Plan

Module 6 - Implement and Measure

Module 7 - Course Summary

Planning for Success Quick Reference Guide

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Sample Case Study Results

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Planning for Success Planning Templates

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